Nail Your Target Market

Nail Your Target Market

Why targeting 'everyone' is costing you money

Define your target market and connect with businesses that will make you more money with less hassle.

This online course is designed to give you a clear understanding of why marketing your business to ‘everybody’ limits your success.

  • You will understand what places your business in a unique position to solve your ideal customer’s problems.
  • You will understand why being specific will generate you more income and how having a focussed mindset will help grow your business
  • You will be able to research your target market and build an ideal client avatar
  • Finally, you will understand how to connect with your defined target market.

Hello Dream Client

How many clients are you working with that don’t pay you what you deserve and make owning your business exhausting?  How would it feel if you could work with clients that you liked and were happy to pay you what you deserve?  Nailing your target market will allow you to effortlessly attract and work with clients that enhance your business.

You’re never going to stare blankly again when someone asks you “what’s your target market”.  You’ll be given the knowledge and skills to identify, research and nail your target market, understand all that marketing mumbo jumbo and learn how to connect with the client that today I only a dream.

In this course, you will:

  • Recognise the importance of defining a Target Market
  • Explain the 10/80/10 theory and use this to identify who you should work with
  • Describe what places your business in a position to solve client problems
  • Explain what a B2B business and B2C is and recognise the difference
  • Discover that you always sell to people, not businesses
  • Develop a wish list of dream clients
  • Describe and develop a client Avatar
  • Discover free and simple research tools to test your Target Market
  • Select key ways to connect with your ideal clients once identified.

I’ve owned 5 businesses, starting in my early twenties and know how important clearly identifying a target market can be.  As Executive Director of BNI in Melbourne, I train hundreds of people each year and the one predictor of success I consistently observe is business owners who know who they want to do business with are always the most successful.  I understand that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to narrow your focus to one target market, but through experience I know that this will greatly increase every business owners potential for success.

Braith Bamkin 

  • BA (Psychology)
  • MBus (Marketing)
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment
  • Public Speaker
  • Small Business Owner
  • Enthusiast of life and heavily committed international traveller

In this online course I will show you why nailing your target market is vital for your businesses success.

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  • Lifetime access to this course

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Braith Bamkin
Braith Bamkin

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